FirePro training program


The Program is aimed at providing staff with the full technical ability to use portable fire appliances and to give a insight to becoming a competent fire marshal. Held at your site, we carry all the necessary equipment to provide a good quality program for your employees to achieve:-


The Awareness of fire procedures and practical use of first aid appliances


·          Introduction of program format

·          Extinguishing Fires at work (video presentation)

·          Discussion on fire procedures

·          Discussion of the customers own fire plan

·          Portable fire appliances -            * The use of

* Identification

* How they work

·          The British Standards – BSEN3  * what it means?

·          Discussion and questions on above

·          Examination papers presented. 70% minimum pass required


Pending permission:-


·          Full controlled fire leading to :-

·          Practical Instruction and ‘hands on’ use of portable fire appliances

·          All candidates to extinguish a fire


Back to conference room:-


·          Examination papers marked

·          Extra tuition and questions and answers.

·          Certificate Awarded


This includes a certificate of achievement to the practical use of portable fire appliances.