Wireless Evacuator Alarm


We have introduced a new product 'Tough Guard Wireless' which incorporates a state of the art Class 1 CE: Approved Radio Transceiver enclosed in a tough purpose moulded ABS case that will withstand the most demanding enviroments. 

The Tough Guard Wireless are tuned to absolute maximum licence free signal strengths, so a signal is guaranteed every time the alarm button is pressed.

Features include:

  • Class 1 CE: Approved Radio Transceiver
  • Ability to Link up to 240 devices over 16 secure zones
  • Over 2200 hours of battery life (in standby mode)
  • LED clear indication of low Battery
  • Silent link test facility
  • Audible 118Db siren
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Tough Purpose moulded ABS case
  • Brigh flashing Xenon Strobe Beacon